Canberra Imaging Group Enterprise Agreement 2017

The Canberra Imaging Group (CIG) is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The CIG has been providing high-quality diagnostic imaging services for over 25 years and has built a reputation for excellence in patient care and innovation.

The CIG has recently introduced its new enterprise agreement for 2017, aimed at providing a better workplace for its employees. The new agreement is designed to improve the working conditions, job security, and benefits for CIG employees.

One of the key features of the new enterprise agreement is increased job security for CIG employees. The agreement provides employees with greater certainty around their employment, as well as guaranteed minimum hours and pay rates.

Another significant change is the increase in paid parental leave. CIG employees who are primary caregivers will now be entitled to 18 weeks of paid leave, up from 14 weeks in the previous agreement. Secondary caregivers will also be entitled to four weeks of paid leave.

The agreement also includes improved provisions for flexible working arrangements, making it easier for CIG employees with family or other caring responsibilities to balance their work and personal lives.

The CIG has also introduced a new training and development program, which will provide its employees with opportunities to enhance their skills and progress their careers within the organisation. This will help to build a more skilled and engaged workforce, resulting in better outcomes for both patients and the business.

In summary, the Canberra Imaging Group`s new enterprise agreement for 2017 is a positive step towards providing a better workplace for its employees. With improved job security, increased parental leave, flexible working arrangements, and a focus on employee training and development, the CIG is well positioned to attract and retain the best talent in the diagnostic imaging field.